I did not receive an email confirming my registration.

An email confirming your registration was sent to the email you used when you registered. Please check all junk and spam boxes carefully for an email from If you are still unable to find the registration email, please contact our support team for further assistance.


The website seems to load slowly? What should I do?

You may experience slow load speeds during our busiest times. Please be patient, and do not click "Save” multiple times before the page has loaded. This will only slow the process down. If you are consistently experiencing slow load speeds, you may want to try again at a different time of day. If you experience any errors, please feel free to contact us.


While creating my profile, I was told that the username already exists. Why is that happening?

During registration you must select a unique Username—something that no one else has used. If you get the following error message, you have chosen a Username that is already in use by another applicant.

Error Message: The following errors have occurred while validating your data. Please correct them and try again.

  • Username already exists for this competition.

This means you have to try an alternate username.

Additionally if you use an already existing email you will receive the following error:

Error Message:  You already have a login account for this website. Please login with your existing account. If you need password assistance, click here.

You will have to try another email address. Be sure to write down what you have tried, prior to clicking Save.


How do I retrieve my User ID or Password?

Upon failure of an attempted login, you can recover your User ID or reset your Password by clicking on the "Retrieve User ID/Reset Password" link in the Login drop down in the top right corner of the application website. Enter the email address associated with your Heisman High School Scholarship Program account and your User ID will be emailed to you. To reset your password, enter your User ID and you will be sent an email with a prompt to reset your password. If you need further assistance, please contact customer service at  




When will I get my certificates and scholarship?

After School Winners have been selected, reviewers will be emailed a printable School Winner certificate. For students who earned a scholarship, information regarding their scholarship will be emailed and mailed directly to the student’s current email and address, as input on the application, in early 2020.


Do I need to complete the class rank question in the Academics section?

This is NOT a required question. You can complete this question if your high school reports class rank. Class rank as of the end of the junior year is sufficient. The question is not used for judging purposes, but the National Committee may use it as a comparison tool when selecting the National Winners.


Why isn't my sport listed?

The Heisman High School Scholarship Program recognizes the top competitive participating sports in the U.S. as recognized by the Olympic Games as well as the National Federation of State High School Associations. For further questions, please contact our support team using the contact us form.


What if my ACT Writing test was scored on a scale of 1 – 36?

The ACT Writing test has recently been changed back to the 2 – 12 scale. For those students who took the ACT Writing test during the September 2015 to June 2016 administrations, the scoring scale was 1 – 36. For ACT Writing test scores earned on the 1 – 36 scale, use the provided conversion chart when reporting your ACT Writing score.


Can I apply if I am a U.S. resident, but I am currently living abroad?

U.S. residents with a permenant U.S. address who are currently studying abroad or who are deployed with a military family are eligible to apply. Please contact our service team by filling out the contact us form for help with completing your application, as required fields may not be applicable to you, or we may need additional information from you in order for you to submit your application.





Who at the school can perform my review?

The reviewer can be any adult employed by your school who has access to your student records and who can confirm the information provided. For example, the reviewer can be a person in the guidance office, a teacher, or a member of the administration. The reviewer cannot be a student, and the reviewer cannot be related to the applicant.


When will my reviewer know that it is time to review my application?

Shortly after you submit your application, your reviewer will be sent an email from the Heisman High School Scholarship Program with instructions for completing the online review. Be sure to follow-up with your reviewer to be sure she/he receives the email and completes the review prior to the October 31 reviewer deadline.


How does my reviewer verify and submit their online review?

Reviewers will be sent an email with instructions shortly after your application is submitted. The email message will provide the reviewer with a special link to login and review your application. Your reviewer will review your application, confirm his/her identity, and then may choose to accept or unsubmit your application. If your application is unsubmitted, you will be sent an email regarding corrections needed and will need to re-submit your application for another round of review. This process will continue until you receive a confirmation email that your application has been accepted and submitted. 


Can I change my reviewer?

You cannot change the reviewer once the application has been submitted. If you need to change your reviewer after your application has been submitted, your application will need to be unsubmitted. Please use the Contact Us form and a customer service representative will contact you to assist in unsubmitting your application. Once unsubmitted, you can change your reviewer and re-submit your application. After re-submitting your application, your reviewer will be sent an instructional email.  


What if my reviewer hasn’t received his/her instructional email?

Check your application to make sure you entered the reviewer’s email address correctly. Then, check with your reviewer to make sure the email address is active. Your reviewer should add to his/her email account’s safe list so the message will not be blocked by a spam filter. You will need to login to the application, click ‘Review Application’ and click ‘Print’ in order to view the information you entered for your reviewer.


What if I need to change my reviewer’s email address?

If you have not yet submitted your application, you may change your reviewer’s email address by logging into your account and make the correction on your application. Remember to click the ‘Save’ button at the top or bottom of the screen after you make the correction. Your reviewer will only be sent an email after your application is successfully submitted. Make sure your reviewer’s email address is correct before your final submission. You cannot change the reviewer or his/her email address once your application is submitted. If you need to change your reviewer, please see the ‘Can I change my reviewer?’ frequently asked question. 


What if my reviewer finds an error in my application?

If your reviewer finds an error in your application, your reviewer will enter comments in a text box in the reviewer site, and unsubmit your application. You will be sent an email which will include these comments along with instructions to log in to the application, make the corrections, and re-submit your application. 

We also recommend contacting your reviewer to discuss the error(s) and how the items should be corrected. Your reviewer will need to go back and review the changes for accuracy before they submit their review.